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Technical Support Engineer

Job Description

As a Technical Support Engineer (TSE) you will be part of our Global Customer Support team. You will use your product, troubleshooting, and people skills to work directly with our customers, resolving technical issues and problems that occur while using the Dynatrace platform. Our customers represent some of the world’s largest companies, and the production applications you will be working on can easily represent millions of dollars per day of revenue.

You will drive the assessment and triaging of issues and work efficiently to develop resolutions or interim solutions. You should be comfortable with focused, heads-down analysis of complex technical problems as well as with the interruptions that occur naturally in an operational support environment. For example, you may find yourself assisting other internal teams as they answer questions and provide assistance to customers in real-time (Chat) or via tickets.

Some of the issues that you work on will need escalation into R&D. In those cases, you will document information gathered and progress made to date, and then work closely with R&D towards the final resolution. You will regularly and routinely interact with customer personnel at various technical and managerial levels for information gathering, troubleshooting, configuration, status updates, and final remediation. 


  • Recognize and solve isolated problems as reported by customers related to our SaaS and Managed products, and their interactions with diverse customer technology ecosystems. Analyze more complex or distributed problems with guidance

  • Work directly and comfortably with customer application specialists to troubleshoot and resolve platform or product issues via online chat, phone, videoconference tool or submitted ticket. Able to communicate localized technical approaches and tradeoffs effectively with small groups including customer middle management personnel with senior backup

  • Perform in-depth troubleshooting of Internet related issues utilizing industry standard tools and methodologies such as Wireshark, MTR, DIG, etc. in combination with understanding of third party CDN / DNS Proxy services.

  • Perform in-depth event, logfile, and dump analysis during the troubleshooting process, using industry as well as internal or product-related tools.

  • Take ownership of multiple tickets/chats and work independently to efficiently manage a dynamic ticket workload. Will progress from getting to giving coaching assistance as seniority increases from Level 2 to 4. Complexity of tickets will also increase progressively as seniority increases

  • Document and provide additional technical details when escalating issues to R&D for assistance in resolving platform or product bugs. Manage ongoing interactions with R&D to keep on track

  • Maintain a spoken and basic hands-on familiarity with the latest major technologies used by our customers, such as Big Data solutions (Cassandra or Mongo DB), Containerization Technologies (Docker, containerd, CRI-O), container platforms (Kubernetes, OpenShift), cloud platforms (AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP) and elastic microservices

  • Maintain strict operational discipline to meet administrative and contractual requirements. Examples include monitoring expiring SLAs, proper prioritization of tickets, providing timely, efficient, and clear customer communication to meet and maintain our response requirements, time tracking, etc.

  • While engaging directly with customers, provide a confident and calming approach to ensure our customers will be well supported and their issues will be resolved

  • Eagerly participate in training to advance technical skills and product knowledge. Must be willing to learn new technologies, languages, platforms, Operating Systems and product features as well as willingly share knowledge with others. Participation will increase from “consumption” to “contribution” to “ownership/leadership” as seniority increases from Level 2 to 4

  • Attend daily/weekly stand-ups and staff meetings to review case load, trending issues, discuss problems and processes, and ensure continuous improvement of the team’s goals.

  • Potential to participate in an on-call rotation to assist the team in providing 24x7 customer support 


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems/Technology, or related work experience

  • Minimum of 2+ years of experience in a technical role (e.g. technical support, consulting, development, QA/testing/automation)

  • Inherent and proven problem-solving nature, with an engaged, self-motivated, can-do attitude.

  • Strong analytical thinking with a structured and detailed approach to problem-solving

  • Comfortable with small group technical customer contact via phone, email, chat, or video conferencing applications

  • Speaking or “whiteboard” understanding of either the Java EE or .NET platform and how it works, and a self-directed willingness to learn about other platform and “new stack” technologies such as mobile, PHP, node.js, Docker, etc. to a similar level

  • A clear understanding of highly distributed applications and how they “hang together” and communicate, from the browser or mobile app, through the cloud, CDNs, and third parties, into the data center, and through to the back end

  • Ability to participate in discussions around technical concepts such as object-oriented fundamentals, web application infrastructure, memory management, and GC, threading, frameworks, exception handling, messaging, etc.

  • Experience with a scripting language/platform, and use of APIs to access or update information

  • Knowledge of one or more web technology stacks such as:

  • Server-side technologies such as Java Servlets and PHP

  • Client-side technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ajax

  • The HTTP protocol and the RESTful architectural style

  • Cloud/New Stack technologies such as OpenStack, OpenShift, AWS, Azure, and CloudFoundry

  • Knowledge of networking, protocols, and architectures such as TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, SSL, and BGP, and diagnostic tools such as Wireshark, HTTPWatch and Fiddler

  • High technical comfort creating and maintaining personal testing platforms via virtual machines (Windows and Linux guest OSes) with products such VMWare Workstation, Parallels, or VirtualBox, or cloud-based instances such as AWS or Azure

  • Experience with usage and mid-level administration of operating systems Windows and Linux. Must be comfortable with command-line interactions on each platform

  • Must have excellent written and verbal English communication skills with the ability to work productively with both technical and non-technical people

  • Demonstrate competence in the Dynatrace platform by becoming at least Dynatrace Associate Certified within six months of joining the team

  • Travel is not a normal job requirement, but there are periodic training sessions that may require international travel. It is also not out of the question that a TSE could travel to a customer in extreme circumstances 

  • Fluent in Japanese, Vietnamese or Thai is a bonus

Expectations :

Flexible – we are dynamically changing and adapting

Positive – even in the face of stress and adversity

Curious –driven by “why” and “what if” and “I wonder what happens…”

Proactive – not waiting to be told what to do

Motivated – a self-starter who excels in fast-paced, team environments

Innovative – always learning and contributing to fresh ideas

Team – willing and able to work with teammates to resolve complex, multi-faceted issues 

Additional Information

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