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Innsbruck, AT

Welcome to Innsbruck. Grias di.

Find us in the vibrant capital of Tyrol, surrounded by mountains and glaciers. Just a few steps away from the Shopping Center West and the unique downtown area, you will find our team in the newly build CALLAS building, where we drive innovation and help our customers transform digitally.

Work-life balance

Whether it’s a hike in summer, skiing in winter, or a stroll through the city—exciting activities are just a few minutes away from our lab.

Breakfast, anyone?

Working hungry is a no-go at our company. You are supplied with muesli, dairy products, (also vegan options) and fruits or healthy smoothies.

Unique location

Inspiring work atmosphere, various focus zones but also meeting areas and thinking spaces are waiting for you to advance your ideas and projects.

Start something new

At Dynatrace Innsbruck Lab, we are concentrating on two main focus areas.

  1. In the first focus area, we are building a state-of-the-art developer self-service experience for delivering core Dynatrace platform services to the cloud. By leveraging modern deployment infrastructure components and state-of-the-art engineering practices, we push the boundaries of what is possible in delivery automation.

  2. The second topic area we are focusing on in Innsbruck is concerned with developing integration components for flexible composition of automation use-cases for our customers. Based on a modern React/TypeScript stack, an efficiency-oriented developer framework, and serverless cloud runtimes, we lay the groundwork for automation workflows that act on insights derived from advanced Dynatrace observability and AIOps capabilities.

To continue our mission, we're looking for skilled and motivated talents.

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“It takes a lot of expertise and knowledge to climb one of the rocky giants in our region. And the same is true for current cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes: Easy to handle in the early stages, but challenging when something in production hits the fan. In Innsbruck, we put our expertise into our platform, to enable our customers to safely climb the peaks of application operation on Kubernetes."”

Andreas Doblander
Innsbruck Lab Lead

Benefits and perks

We believe in providing the environment and resources that will help you push boundaries, tackle challenges, and drive innovation, while staying happy and healthy, and balancing all that's important to you. Have a look at some examples of how we care for Dynatracers.

Flexible working models

Ways of work that offer you the flexibility you need, ranging from full remote options to hybrid ones combining home and in-office work.

Flexible working hours

Choose from various different working time models, and pick the one that fits your needs best.

Employee Stock Purchases Plan

Purchase company stock (NYSE:DT) at a discounted price twice a year and become a shareholder.

Relocation support

Let our relocation support team help you with your move and arranging language courses, if needed.

International & diverse

From meetings to small talk—Dynatracers come from many different cultures and speak many languages but English is the one that connects us.

Wellness Days

Company-designated extra paid days off for you to recharge batteries, pursue hobbies, or just relax.


Achieve some personal goals or try something new with a special working time model for a longer period off work.

Volunteer time off

Receive a day of paid volunteer time off per year, so you can support your local community however you’d like.

Personal & Professional development

Learn and grow by attending conferences, or exploring internal trainings and online courses.

Innovation Days

Enjoy quarterly Innovation Days, in which you get to spend 24 hours on a passion project alongside your colleagues.

Latest technologies

Do your best work with the latest technologies, tools, and equipment.

Family support

Enjoy maternity and paternity leave, as well as a smooth return and flexible hours after your leave ends.

Mental health

Your mental well-being is a priority for us. We’re continuously expanding our support offer, which includes counseling, workshops, and more as part of our global Employee Assistance Program.

Commuter benefits

Enjoy discounts and perks, including reserved parking, public transportation discounts, the Klimaticket, or vouchers for walking and biking.

Dynatrace swag

Be a brand ambassador with lots of Dynatrace swag, along with regular gifts and goodies.

Ergonomic workplaces

Work the way you like with height-adjustable desks, multiple monitor setups, and ergonomic chairs. We also chip in to get you special computer glasses.

Employee discounts

Get special discounts and exclusive offers on products and services from our partners and supplies.

Cutting-edge technology

Work on the latest technologies and innovations, and create value for millions of people worldwide.

Corporate responsibility

We participate in charity actions as a company and encourage our teams to do so as well. And we shop local, organic and fair-trade.

Sports activities

Stay active with running courses, yoga classes, fitness activities and challenges, and gym discounts.

Regular team events

Celebrate success and enjoy each other's company online and in person.

Healthy snacks & Food allowance

Enjoy free cereal, fresh fruit, and coffee and tea, as well as free or discounted lunch.

Explore our office space and meet the team

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Pack your bags

Skiing. Mountains. Moosbeernocken. Goldenes Dachl. Bergisel.

Hidden in an alpine landscape, Innsbruck is a true alpine jewel known worldwide for its beauty. The historic old town with its famous sights is only a breath away from the next biking tour, the next skiing slope, or winter hiking experience.

Sounds like the right spot for you? We're happy to help you relocate.

What else is going on?

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Get in touch

If you can't find the answers to your job-related questions on our careers site, send us an email to careers@dynatrace.com—we're happy to help!

Dynatrace Austria GmbH
Innsbruck Lab
Höttinger Au 74
6020 Innsbruck

T: +43 732 908208
E: hello.innsbruck@dynatrace.com

Other locations

You can find us all across the world. Make sure to explore our other Dynatrace offices and find the right place for you!