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Relocating to Austria

We help you to settle in your new home

Dynatrace is an international company with +55 nationalities and offices around the world. The personalities, expertise, and backgrounds of our global team are as diverse as the countries in which we work. These varying perspectives—and the people behind them—provide unique and invaluable talent that we're proud to have. Together, we create innovations that support our customers around the globe.

Relocation service & allowance

Our People Operations team supports you in all matters and is always happy to help you with your questions and needs. We will assist you and your family in questions concerning healthcare, public transport, banking, childcare, schools, and more. Plus, we are supporting your relocation by granting you an allowance to help you settle in Austria.

Accommodation support

For the first month of your stay in Austria, we’ll accommodate you in a paid apartment. This will give you comfort and time until we, together, find the right home for you. Whether you move here on your own, with a partner, or with your whole family—our experts will help to accommodate your circumstances and preferences.

Buddy program

Dynatracers come from many different cultures and speak many languages, but English is the one that connects us all (+55 nationalities). Your buddy may help you during your first months at work with tips for your relocation as well as social integration. They’ll also lead you through the Dynatrace galaxy.

Visas, work permits, and government offices

We help you organize all the essential documentation before joining Dynatrace and accompany you on any necessary visits to local government offices.

Language courses

Most Austrians speak really good English. But speaking German will make your day-to-day life easier. We offer language courses suitable for beginners but also advanced.

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"What awaits you in Austria? Next to a funny "German" dialect, a vast cultural offering, and stunning outdoors, a bunch of motivated tech enthusiasts who are excited for you to join our mission will be waiting for you. We promise—you will quickly feel at home in all of our beautiful Austrian labs!"

Barbara Weber
Manager People Operations

Benefits of living in Austria

In 2019, a global study ranked Austria second in terms of quality of life. Vienna has topped the list of “Most Livable Cities in the world” for ten years in a row. Austria also ranks high when it comes to press freedom as well as women’s and human rights.

Austria is an incredibly safe country—crime is rare; violent crime even rarer. Healthcare is universal and accessible. Most health concerns and medications are covered, and the quality of treatment is generally excellent. The education system, influenced by the world's best systems is well-developed. Offering free kindergarten, pre-school, and public primary and secondary school, the Austrian population is well-educated. Students can even choose between vocational and academic schools.

In Austria, you get two extra salaries per year. These are added to your yearly income and are called the 13th and 14th salaries. They are paid at the same time as June and November salaries. You also receive five weeks of annual leave per year.

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What our internationals think & say

Alejandro Camba

Software Engineer who relocated to Klagenfurt from Venezuela

"Relocation is always stressful, especially during such a difficult year because of the pandemic (2021). Dynatrace supported me all the way and always said they'd wait as long as they had to in order to get me on board. And they waited 8 months. People at Dynatrace are very warm, open, and friendly, integration wasn't a problem at all. I also speak some German, so I really enjoy the language and culture. My routine as of today goes: Football on Tuesdays, Bowling practice on Wednesdays."

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Viktoria Jakab

Technical Product Specialist who relocated to Vienna from Hungary

"As I am a young professional, the financial support that Dynatrace provided was essential, because the moving process came with a lot of expenses. My relocation experience was great thanks to this package and the comprehensive assistance of my relocation agent. I respect and appreciate that Dynatrace welcomes international employees and fosters a diverse and inclusive culture. In addition, it was great to be welcomed by a buddy from the same country who could help me with my Hungary-specific questions and shared some best practices for the transformation."

Maksim Tsikhamirau

Software Engineer who relocated to Linz from Belarus

"The relocation process went as smoothly as it could. I was in close touch with all questions regarding documents, legalization, points to score to meet Austrian authorities' requirements, etc. All my concerns, questions, problems were managed in the shortest possible time. In addition, as an international, I have access to lots of useful internal resources that can help in daily life - taxes, social services, some daily routines that are evident or natural for Austrians, but not for an international."

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Andre Titus 1

Andre Titus

Technical Product Specialist who relocated to Linz from South Africa

“The thought of relocating in-country is not easy, but the thought of relocating from one continent to another with a family of five can be even more daunting. The support I received from Dynatrace was phenomenal. I was added to the buddy program where someone who also relocated from South Africa shared their experience. The culture at Dynatrace is truly amazing. It’s characterized by friendly and helpful colleagues. After our daughters started school and we moved into a permanent apartment, we started settling in. The integration process is still ongoing, but with Dynatrace offering language learning courses and several internal channels with information from financial, legal, family, and everything Austria it makes the integration so much easier.”

John Cheung

Content Designer & UX Writer who relocated to Linz from Serbia

"We relocated from Belgrade to Linz at the pandemic’s peak in November 2020. From day one I appreciated the great service and the help with all the paperwork. Or relocation consultant always went the extra mile. It was extremely reassuring to have a team proactively and reliably supporting us throughout the relocation. At Dynatrace, there are people from 12 or 13 different countries just in my team and we work closely with colleagues in the US, Poland, and Spain. Dynatrace does a lot to help you settle in as an international, with social events after work, free German classes, and a dedicated Slack international community channel."

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