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Relocating to Austria

We'll help you settle into your new home

Our team will help you start your new adventure in Austria, the #1 country in the EU in terms of quality of life according to the IMD World Competitiveness Ranking 2023. We'll support you with all relocation aspects such as administrative procedures, finding a new home, and ensuring a smooth transition in the country.

Relocation service and allowance

Our TechCareer Launchpad team supports you in all matters and is always happy to help you with your questions and needs. We will assist you and your family in questions concerning healthcare, public transport, banking, childcare, schools, and more. Plus, we are supporting your relocation by granting you an allowance to help you settle in Austria.

Accommodation support

At the beginning of your stay in Austria, we'll accommodate you in a paid apartment. This will give you comfort and time until we, together, find the right home for you. Whether you move here on your own, with a partner, or with your whole family—our experts will help to accommodate your circumstances and preferences.

Buddy program

Dynatracers come from many different cultures and speak many languages, but English is the one that connects us all (60+ nationalities). Your buddy may help you during your first months at work with tips for your relocation as well as social integration. They'll also lead you through the Dynatrace galaxy.

Visas, work permits, and government offices

Dynatrace accepts applicants from all over the world, no matter which passport they hold. We help you organize all the essential documentation before joining Dynatrace and accompany you on any necessary visits to local government offices.

Language courses

Most Austrians speak really good English. But speaking German will make your day-to-day life easier. We offer a range of options for language learning suitable for beginners but also advanced.

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Linz austria

Benefits of living in Linz

Enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes of Linz while experiencing all the city has to offer:

  • Linz is the vibrantly beating heart of Dynatrace's global R&D teams.

  • More than 600 bright minds from 60+ countries innovate, push boundaries, and grow together at Dynatrace's R&D Headquarters in Linz.

  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Vibrant IT communities in the thriving tech scene.

  • High standard of living with affordable housing and low cost of living.

  • Family-friendly with activities and attractions for families.

  • Outdoor recreation and fun adventures.

Sok kheng relocation austria dynatrace

"In Linz, opportunity meets exceptional quality of life. At Dynatrace, we offer international talents the perfect environment to thrive professionally and personally, with access to all the amenities and resources necessary for a fulfilling life. Elevate your career and embrace the unparalleled benefits of relocating to Austria with us."

Sok-Kheng Taing

Dynatrace Co-Founder

What our internationals think and say

Karlien relocation testimonial


South African, Senior Principal Product Manager Delivery, who relocated to Linz from Dubai

"My family and I had a smooth transition moving to Linz. The welcoming culture and comprehensive relocation assistance at Dynatrace made settling in easier. After our kids started school and we moved into a permanent house, we truly began to feel at home in this beautiful Austrian city. Dynatrace is an inclusive workplace that fosters collaboration and innovation. The company’s commitment to work-life balance creates a positive environment for employees from diverse backgrounds. Our journey of integrating into life in Linz has been a mix of challenges and delightful discoveries. The education quality of the Austrian school system is commendable. Navigating the local banking system was reliable and straight-forward. It's also heartening to see Austria is committed to environmental sustainability."

Nick relocation testimonial


American, Product Manager, who relocated to Linz from US

"Life in Austria is so much easier than I'm used to. The fact that you can get medical services at any time with the e-Card without always having to pay extra is amazing. Public transport is so well-developed here that my wife and I no longer need a car. The amazing food and affordable housing here is also a plus. Working abroad has long been a goal of ours. I'm in Upper Austria because the roots and heart of Dynatrace are here. However, moving is never easy. It was very valuable for us that Dynatrace supported us in all the important steps. My wife was also fortunate to find a job very quickly as a teacher at a nearby school. Dynatrace offers a lot to help you settle in as an international including social events after work, free German classes, and a dedicated Slack international community channel."

Oluwaseun relocation testimonial


Nigerian, Technical Support Engineer, who relocated to Linz from Nigeria

"Relocating with Dynatrace was a breeze. They handled everything from visa applications to finding a home in Linz. Their support made the transition smooth for my family, and we felt welcomed in our new city. Dynatrace values diversity and inclusion, creating a supportive environment for employees from various cultural backgrounds. They prioritize cross-cultural collaboration and provide ample opportunities for professional development. Dynatrace offers resources and support to help international employees navigate the challenges of relocation and integration, fostering a sense of belonging. Integrating into Linz has been a fulfilling journey for both me and my family. While there have been some initial challenges, such as language barriers and adjusting to new cultural norms, the local community has been welcoming and supportive. Engaging in social activities, joining local clubs, and taking language classes helped us connect with the community and feel more at home. We're grateful for the opportunities to immerse ourselves in Austrian culture while building meaningful connections in Linz."

Jessielane relocation testimonial


Pinay, Sr. Technical Support Engineer, who relocated to Linz from Czech Republic

"Dynatrace helped my partner and me obtain our work permits, secure temporary housing, and find our permanent apartment in Linz. All I needed to do was provide the necessary documents. The stress of applying for an RWR+ was lifted from my shoulders, and the relocation to Austria was very pleasant. Dynatrace is a very modern company. The teams feel like those of a startup—friendly, always ready to help, and passionate. I appreciate Dynatrace's focus on employee well-being, with initiatives like remote work, the speak-up culture, access to therapists, and engagement with the international community and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These small things have had a big impact on me, as they were absent in my previous companies. Integrating into Linz, the Klimaticket has been invaluable, allowing us to travel all over the country and enjoy the summer. I'm grateful that Dynatrace covered the cost of the Klimaticket for me, as it's a benefit I truly appreciate. I've been able to participate in Heurigen events in Wachau and Vienna as well."

Want to know more? Hear from Andre, Technical Product Specialist, who relocated to Linz from South Africa with his family of five.

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