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Sue Quackenbush hosting Real Talks podcast powered by Dynatrace

Meet the host, Sue Quackenbush

Sue is our Chief People Officer and visionary people and culture leader. She's all-in on employee experience and champions a people-first culture. In each episode, she invites a Dynatracer to chat about what motivates them, their career, passions, and challenges.

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#8 The power of diverse thinking in successful teams

"When you have people on your team who differ from you, it forces you to acknowledge diverse opinions and think outside of the box. At the same time, you need to build a culture of respect and openness. To cultivate such a culture, you have to be able to receive feedback, actively encourage it, and identify the best individual communication approaches for your teammates."

Nishant Rama, Director of Solution Engineers

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Nishant Rama, Real Talks powered by Dynatrace
Rafi Katanasho, Real Talks powered by Dynatrace

#7 Leadership essentials

"Leadership starts and ends with people. It's about humility, making sure that we're connecting with people, leading them from the front, making sure everybody is given the opportunity to contribute and to be listened to, celebrating our achievements together, working hard when needed, and enjoying ourselves at the same time."

Rafi Katanasho, VP of Solution Engineering

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#6 Staying agile in today’s fast-paced world

Step into the agile world with Jelena Vucinic, Senior Agile Coach and advocate for women in tech. Hear about what matters when coaching tech teams, tips for staying agile in unexpected situations, and her perspective on the changing role of women in the tech industry.

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Jelena Vucinic, Real Talks powered by Dynatrace
Stephen Hull, Real Talks powered by Dynatrace

#5 How to navigate career growth

"I recognized that the next step, whatever it was, was an opportunity ahead of me. You're not signing up to run a marathon—you're signing up to take one more step. Sometimes those steps have to be really fast and in order, other times, especially when it's challenging, it involves waking up and asking yourself: What's that one thing I can do today to make progress?"

Stephen Hull, Vice President of Customer Experience - US

Hear more on how to progress your career:

#4 Engaging a community to build a fanbase

Andreas "Andi" Grabner
, Fellow of Technology Strategy, is making waves on the world’s biggest stages as an advocate for Dynatrace. Tune in to hear about his inspiring journey, his values, and discover why his time on Boston’s dance floors led to more than just business success.

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Andreas Grabner, Real Talks powered by Dynatrace
John Rocker, Real Talks powered by Dynatrace

#3 The power of purpose in your career

"One of the reasons I stay is because you're empowered to make recommendations, make decisions, and push the reasons why you feel that way. So you have that seat at the table to say, I think we should be doing this because it will lead to X, Y, Z."

John Rocker, Social Media Director

Find out more about the power of purpose in your career:

#2 Why you should follow your inner passion

"Focus, perseverance, and unleashing your inner passion are not just keys to personal success, but also the driving forces behind Dynatrace's vibrant culture."

Suraj Pandey, Principal Solutions Engineer

Listen now:

Suraj Pandey, Real Talks powered by Dynatrace
Tatiana Gottlib, Real Talks powered by Dynatrace

#1 How role models can impact your life

Tatiana Gottlib
, leader of our Barcelona Lab and Director of Dynatrace ONE, dives into the transformative power of mentorship. As a leader in the tech industry and role model to many, she shares candid stories about the guidance she has received and its impact on her journey.

Discover her insights on how to seek and become a role model for someone else. Are you ready to be the change in someone's story?

Tune in and learn how:

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