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Life at Dynatrace

Creating value together

In a world that runs on software, we craft a leading unified observability and security platform.
Our culture, fueled by curiosity, openness, and authenticity, drives our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.

The Culture Decoder shown below is our guiding compass, illuminating what defines our culture, steering us toward our ultimate goals, and amplifying the value we create for the company, customers, and the world.

Dynatrace Culture Decoder

Our commitment

Our Culture Decoder leads the way as we navigate complexities and push boundaries, driven by our Mission, Purpose, and Vision. A world where software works perfectly isn't only a destination; it's a commitment of many Dynatracers to make a difference every day, everywhere.

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Driven by values

Each step we take on this journey impacts our customers and the company, and we turn to our values for guidance. As our core tenets, they help us act and evolve as a global team and accelerate positive change together. Besides shaping our value creation for the customers, the values are resembled in the diverse projects and initiatives created by Dynatracers, for Dynatracers.

Dynatrace values innovate with passion

Innovate with Passion

Embrace curiosity

Harness creativity

Drive positive change

Wellness day dynatrace

Work and life balance

Quality time off enhances remarkable results and harnesses the creativity to innovate and stay motivated. We cultivate a culture that embraces flexibility and respects a healthy work-life balance.

Vacation is vacation
No one assumes you'll be available

Wellness Days
Additional days off every quarter

NO to 50-hours/week
We give you the time to disconnect

Mental health support
Employee Assistance Program for everyone

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Workspaces vibes

Designed to harness creativity and foster connection, we're committed to a workplace experience that makes teamwork enjoyable for every Dynatracer–working on-site or remotely.

Hybrid working dynatrace

Ways of work

Recognizing every team's and individual's unique needs, we offer Flex and Remote ways of work, both bringing special perks and benefits.
This helps keep that creative spark alive and stay curious in our roles.

Innovation days dynatrace

Innovation Days

We build innovative solutions and creative approaches for our business. Our annual hackathon, Innovations Days, is one of the ways we actively foster a culture of creativity and problem-solving.

Dynatrace values engage with purpose

Engage with Purpose

Listen actively

Create meaningful value

Collaborate proactively

Diversity and Inclusion

We bring our authentic selves to work, fostering respect and curiosity for different backgrounds and identities. While our ERGs connect like-minded Dynatracers, they also cultivate conversations across the company, sparking meaningful value creation and connections.

Dynaspaces dynatrace erg
International culture dynatrace

International mindset

Our global team is like a vibrant mosaic, with each Dynatracer bringing culture and expertise. At Dynatrace, Engaging with Purpose is also about encouraging diverse perspectives. We come together from different corners of the world to brew new ideas and solutions.

Dynatrace volunteering


A single act of kindness can change someone's world. We aim to multiply those moments. Each year, Dynatracers have an opportunity to participate in our volunteer paid-time-off program, allowing them to dedicate their time to charitable organizations close to their hearts.

Dynatrace values win with integrity

Win with Integrity

Drive results

Do what's right

Embrace feedback

Dynatrace mentoring

Continuous learning culture

It's woven into our culture. Whether by having regular retrospectives after sprints and projects or making the best out of many learning opportunities powered by Dynatrace. And with clear career path options–a specialist or people leader–we're empowered to make a real impact.

Celebrating excellence

Our commitment to deliver results with honesty, transparency, and accountability paves the way for success. When we hit those milestones, we learn and aim even higher. Whether it's our Achievement Celebrations in the offices or the flagship Perform conference in Las Vegas, we cherish these moments of recognition and growth.

Dynatrace perform 2024
Real vibes real people dynatrace values

Real vibes. Real people.

As more than 4,200 Dynatracers navigate the way forward, guided by our Culture Decoder, the blend of our curiosity, openness, and authenticity cultivates the real vibes. And fuelled by a vision of a world where software works perfectly, we bring Cloud done right to reality, creating value for our customers, partners, and stakeholders.

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