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Life at Dynatrace

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We're leaders, experts, and creators who thrive in a fast-paced environment. We aren’t afraid to make mistakes and are eager to learn from them and each other. The unique atmosphere we cultivate is one we're proud of and excited to share with future colleagues.

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“We believe in a work culture, in which everyone has a say. Team spirit and collaboration are at the very core of our business and success. But what really sets us apart is that we don’t just believe in all of this, we live it!”

Veronika Leibetseder
Senior Director R&D Lab Operations

Our values

We keep things simple. Common sense has guided our journey and enabled us to grow and excel. As we’ve developed, we've identified five pillars that define and embody our culture:

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We strive to be helpful, respectful, and candid with all our teammates. We focus on finding solutions that support not only our individual work but also the team around us.

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A radically different product requires a radically different mindset. So, we constantly challenge the status quo and our own assumptions to find new horizons and disrupt the competition.

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Walk the talk

We deliver what we promise to our peers and to the market—creating solutions that simply work; that are easy, robust, and valuable.

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We try to understand the why before we try to find the way. We listen, collaborate, and attempt to resolve any issues that our clients may have, and strive to "wow" them with our technical expertise and compassionate approach.

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We respect and value differences. We’re kind and professional to all, but don’t hesitate to challenge opinions and ideas. Above all, we’re honest with ourselves, our team, and our customers.

Inclusion and Diversity

Collaboration amongst unique personalities and skillsets allows us to learn and grow each day. We respect and value all of our diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives.

Our people are our most valued asset, and our focus on fostering an inclusive and supportive environment drives our culture and helps us attract, maintain, and invest in the development of our employees. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is critical to our mission to provide software intelligence to simplify modern cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation.

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Giving back is in our DNA. Dynatrace employees have the opportunity to participate in our volunteer paid-time-off program and work with charitable organizations they’re passionate about. Additionally, our regional office locations host volunteer days with local organizations. For more information about our commitment to preserving human rights and the dignity of all people, read our Human Rights Policy (pdf).

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International mindset

The personalities, expertise, and backgrounds of our global team are as diverse as the countries in which we work. These varying perspectives—and the people behind them—provide unique and invaluable talent that we're proud to have. Together, we create innovations that support our customers around the globe.

Groups at Dynatrace

To further our goal of being a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace, we have launched a team dedicated to this mission, including but not limited to establishing hiring goals focused on increasing Black, Indigenous, and people of color representation company-wide, and anti-racism training for employees and managers.

In addition, we continue to establish active new employee resource groups, such as Women of Dynatrace and the Black Employee Network to support unique interests and initiatives throughout the organization.

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