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Life at Dynatrace

Explore our culture, values, and ways of working.

Real vibes. Real people.

We're leaders, experts, and creators who thrive in a fast-paced environment. We aren’t afraid to make mistakes and are eager to learn from them and each other. The unique atmosphere we cultivate is one we're proud of and excited to share with future colleagues.

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“Our vibrant culture celebrates the diverse and creative minds that shape our global team. Our success lies in the team spirit and collaboration that ignites innovation and unites us behind our shared vision: a world where software works perfectly.”

Sue Quackenbush
Chief People Officer

Our values

We keep things simple. Common sense has guided our journey and enabled us to grow and excel. As we’ve developed, we've identified three pillars that define and embody our culture:

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Innovate with Passion

We build innovative solutions and creative approaches to our business across all functions to benefit our stakeholders. Our passion is fueled by our profound curiosity, inspiration, and desire to drive positive change.

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Engage with Purpose

We aspire to fulfill our mission by committing to excellence and delivering meaningful customer value. We collaborate and communicate effectively to reach our shared goals and aid our customers in achieving their objectives. We listen with empathy, encourage diverse perspectives, act with kindness, and foster an environment where every Dynatracer can have an impact.

Dynatrace careers culture value integrity

Win with Integrity

We deliver results through honesty, transparency, and accountability. We compete with tenacity while upholding the highest ethical standards and respect for our customers, partners, and colleagues. We constantly learn from feedback, celebrate with humility, and strive for excellence.

Balance work and life

A healthy work-life balance is key to innovation, efficiency, and happy employees. For this reason, we foster a culture that embraces flexibility and respects time off. Whether you want to spend time with your family, pursue your hobby, or need time off to recharge—we offer customized options to help you achieve your optimal work-life balance.

Vacation is vacation: no one assumes you'll be available

Additional days off with company-designated Wellness Days

Initiatives such as Meeting-free Fridays

Paid personal time off

Separate work and personal life through office visits

Work models that offer on-site collaboration and remote options

NO to 50-hours/week: We give you the time to disconnect

Balance hobbies and family with flexible hours or part-time work

Our ways of work

Recognizing every team's and individual's unique needs, we offer flexibility with on-site collaboration and remote work options.

*Most roles offer these options, while some may require full in-office work due to their specific responsibilities. This is always mentioned in the job description.

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Experience the best of both worlds with the FLEX model. Balance your time between the office and home, committing to at least two days per week at the office. Enjoy the office vibe, connect in person with fellow Dynatracers, and make use of the diverse collaboration spaces and in-office benefits.

DET 1149


Designed for Dynatracers who reside at least 75 km/45 miles from our nearest geographic office. As a fully remote team member, you have the flexibility to work comfortably from home, with the added benefit of occasional visits to the office as needed.

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International mindset

The personalities, expertise, and backgrounds of our global team are as diverse as the countries in which we work. These varying perspectives—and the people behind them—provide unique and invaluable talent that we're proud to have. Together, we create innovations that support our customers around the globe.

Podcast: Hear from the people behind the tech

Real talks podcast lanscape cover

Dive into the minds of the people shaping our culture and driving our platform. In each episode of Real Talks, we invite Dynatracers to chat about what motivates them, their career, passions, and challenges.

"Each member of our team has a unique story to share, and we want to give these stories a stage. Our goal is to connect, inspire, and learn from each other’s experiences and insights from around the globe."

Sue Quackenbush, Chief People Officer


Giving back is in our DNA. Dynatrace employees have the opportunity to participate in our volunteer paid-time-off program and work with charitable organizations they’re passionate about. Additionally, our regional office locations host volunteer days with local organizations. For more information about our commitment to preserving human rights and the dignity of all people, read our Human Rights Policy (pdf).

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Employee Resource Groups

Collaboration amongst unique personalities and skill sets allows us to learn and grow each day. We respect and value all of our diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives.

Our people are our most valued asset, and our focus on fostering an inclusive and supportive environment drives our culture and helps us attract, maintain, and invest in the development of our employees. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical to our mission to deliver answers and intelligent automation from data.

In addition, we continue to establish active employee resource groups to support unique interests and initiatives throughout the organization:

Dynatrace careers culture life resource groups
Dynaspace for Black Employees
Dynaspace for Latinos
Dynaspace for LGBTQ+
Dynaspace for People of Color
Dynaspace for Veterans
Dynaspace for Women

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