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Career Development

Empowering Dynatracers

Dynatrace empowers employees to thrive as we help define your strengths, set career aspirations, and achieve personal goals. You're in the driver's seat of your career at Dynatrace. Our opportunities to develop and promote your career are designed to be easy, with clear and actionable steps, ranging from topics like:


in learning and development, specially tailored to your needs and helping you where to start.


on role definitions, responsibilities, seniority levels, tracks, and grading.


to collect feedback, set career goals, and evaluate your skills.

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We help you figure out where to direct your energy to increase your impact within Dynatrace and to develop and grow continuously.

People manager or continue specializing in your field?

You choose the path.

Whether your heart is set on growing as a specialist in a certain field or you're passionate about leading people and topics—we support and encourage both paths, providing equal career and compensation opportunities.

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“I was always interested in becoming a software developer and after a couple of years as a Quality Analyst, the right opportunity presented itself. So, I changed my role and started working in the Engineering team. Over time, I discovered my people skills. That's how the journey to growing in the managerial direction started and led me to a team captain role.”

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Senior Software Engineer & Team Captain

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"Your career trajectory will very rarely be a linear path, especially in tech. I never expected to find myself in a technical field but felt very empowered by what I was able to accomplish in that space. However, my real calling was always going to be centered around people. Moving over to the Talent Development team has given me a unique opportunity to execute on the needs of Dynatracers globally and better serve the company's greatest asset; its people.”

Talent Development Program Coordinator

Open feedback culture

Feedback is essential for your personal development and change. Dynatrace enables you to embrace various feedback methods—from personal feedback talks with your manager, 360° feedback with teammates, or a guided self-assessment. It all helps you to paint a clearer picture of your skills, and improve your craft.

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Talent growth in focus

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Udemy account

Every Dynatracer has unlimited, free access to trainings on every imaginable topic.

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Advance galaxy

Explore our internal learning platform with an abundance of courses—from Dynatracers, for Dynatracers, to deepen their skills in various areas.

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The Spotlight program

Find an opportunity to work with another team within the company temporarily, and see Dynatrace from a different perspective.

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External courses and certifications

Support for employees who strive to have external credentials and verifications

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