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Get career fair ready

Career Fairs are a great place to network with various employers... but they can be intimidating. Check out some tips below on how to show up and make the most of your upcoming career fair.

How to prepare

Do some research

Most schools will provide a list of employers that are planning to attend. Take 15 minutes to look through and see what employers might be hiring in the field you are studying.

Update your resume

Many employers collect resumes at career fairs, as this is how they'll follow up with potential candidates. Update your resume and print some copies to give to those companies you're really interested in.

Arrive early

Career fairs can get really busy and time flies quickly at such events. Plan accordingly to ensure you get a chance to talk to every employer you want to have a chat with and find out more about.

Dress for success

Be comfortable but professional. "Smart casual" or business casual attire is always a safe bet. You'll see us dressed casually yet professionally as well in our Dynatrace swag.

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What can I do to stand out at a career fair?

Mentioning something relevant about the company or industry to show you did your research before the fair. You don't always have to be 100% correct in what you are saying, just show you put in the effort to get to know us. Even if it is a guess, follow up with, "Is that correct? I would like to learn more".


Campus Recruiting Coordinator

Approaching Employers

Be confident

When you approach an employer, you want to be confident. This is your chance to show your best self.

Introduce yourself

Open with a short introduction of yourself - who you are, what your major is, and what you are looking for.

Ask questions

If you did your research ahead of time, prepare a few questions to ask employers. This shows you put in effort beforehand and can help you stick out.

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How do I start the conversation?

Have a few sentences and questions ready to give your "pitch". For example, "Hi - my name is Katie; I am a Senior studying Computer Science and am looking for full-time roles after graduation. I saw you're a software company; can you tell me more about Dynatrace and any entry-level roles you might have open?". Keep it short and simple!


Senior Workplace Experience Specialist

Follow up!

  • Get organized.
    You're going to meet a lot of recruiters at these fairs. Keep track of the different pamphlets and information you get. You can use this information to follow up when it comes to looking for a job or internship.

  • If possible, collect contact information.
    Use this information to send a quick thank you note to those you met at the fair!

  • Stay connected.
    Connect with those you meet on LinkedIn! This is a good way to follow up with them now or in the future.

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We hope to see you on campus soon!

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