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Get your resume and LinkedIn profile ready

You've heard it before—a good resume is crucial to landing any job. Though sometimes resumes and LinkedIn profiles may feel impossible to build.

Our Dynatrace Campus Recruiters and Hiring Managers share how you can build both, and how to make yours stand out.

Let's start with the basics.

Building a strong resume/CV

Write a resume that is simple and easy to read.

Keep it short and direct—if possible, it should only be one page long.

Put education at the top for entry-level and internship roles.

Put relevant technical skills at the top and customize according to the job description.

Include any projects, groups, etc. that give you experience relevant to the job you're applying for.

Always save your resume as a PDF and never send a word document.

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How do I create a resume with what feels like limited experience?

The key is to present the knowledge and experience that you do have in a way that matches the job you're applying for. If you have any work or internship experience, include it on your resume and explain how that experience has prepared you for the job you're applying for. Additionally, include any relevant school projects and how the skills you gained will make you a good fit for the role.


PDP Team Lead

Building a strong LinkedIn profile

Professional photo

Make sure to select and upload a professional portrait of you.


This is the first thing people will see before even clicking on your profile.


Tell us your story, what you are looking for, and your strengths.


Add your experience and give bulleted points for each—similar to your resume.


Make connections with people you've met, know, or share an interest with.

Complete and update

Complete all aspects of your profile and remember to update it when things change.

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What should I make sure to include on my LinkedIn profile?

Add a bio including your goals and relevant experience with past roles. Connect with your classmates, professors, previous coworkers, etc. If a profile doesn’t have many connections, I get the impression the overall effort isn’t there.


Sales Development Manager

Need a LIVE example? Check out our Campus Recruiting Team's profiles:

We hope to come across your CV and LinkedIn profile very soon!

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