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The Dynatrace Work Model

Our multiple ways of working offer you maximum flexibility—ranging from remote options to hybrid ones.

Our ways of work

Our Dynatrace Work Model has been designed to support increased connection and collaboration, driving cultural vibrancy, and supporting hyper-innovation—all while enabling a flexible work approach. And since individuals and teams both have unique needs, responsibilities, and interests, flexibility at Dynatrace is not one-size-fits-all. We encourage all Dynatracers to find the solution that works best for them and their team, based on the following three options:

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Flex Office

This is ideal for Dynatracers who want to enjoy the office vibe, make use of the different collaboration spaces and in-office benefits, and work at a dedicated desk—spending most of their working time in the office (at least 3 days a week).

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Flex Remote

For Dynatracers who want the best of both worlds, seeking maximum flexibility between working from the office and from home—spending at least 1-2 days/week in the office.

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Fully Remote

Designed for specific roles as well as Dynatracers hired in locations far away from a Dynatrace office, and presumes an eligibility check. With Fully Remote, you work from home most of the time, and only travel to the office occasionally.

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The Dynatrace Work Model is about maintaining flexibility and choice, while enabling frequent opportunities for in-person engagement and community building. It's this in-person interaction that allows us to build the community we envision, and a culture that’s focused on people first.

Rick McConnell
CEO at Dynatrace

These are the goals that guide us. We’ll always strive to:

Provide vibrant and collaborative on-site workspaces to support and encourage social connection, cooperation, and person-to-person engagement.

Deliver an equitable work experience for all employees, regardless of where or how they work.

Empower leaders at the local level to make decisions that are best suited for their teams, based on this company-wide framework.

Foster diversity, equity, and inclusion, in order to facilitate recruitment and retention of the best talent in the world.

Provide an environment in which we can all help each other be successful at Dynatrace.

Continue to build a culture of collaboration, innovation and flexibility at Dynatrace.

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Aligned with our company culture, we offer great flexibility that adds the most value to your role and ​​​​​​​your personal needs, while working to deliver answers and intelligent automation from data.​​

Dynatracers' voices

Hear directly from our teams all over the world what their preferred way of working is, and why:

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HR Business Partner | APAC

"Flex remote is my ideal work option as working from home affords the privacy and the focus that can be challenging in a full office. It also makes it easier to support the APAC region with the flexibility of working early or late, better supporting countries of diverse time-zone. Working in-office and collaborating in-person offers spontaneity and free flow of ideas. I also enjoy being in the office for the wit, the humor, and good old fun with the team."



Customer Success Manager | EMEA

"I enjoy working in the office, as it increases my level of productivity. Not only do I have my dedicated desk and can catch up with my colleagues directly, I also take great advantage of all the benefits Dynatrace offers here. However, I also really enjoy having the choice to work from home sometimes."



Senior Software Engineer | EMEA

"I especially enjoy working from home if I have a call-intensive day, as it allows me to do a lot of calls without having to look for in-office phone booths or disturbing my colleagues next to me. And it can save me time on commuting to the office. But I also enjoy being in the office, as I like to see my coworkers in-person on a regular basis."

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Senior Software Engineer | EMEA

"To me, working remotely has two major benefits. First and foremost, I can stay close to my family without having to live in another city, while still being able to work for Dynatrace. Secondly, it improves my work-live balance, as I can use the time of commuting for other purposes."

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Team Assistant | EMEA

"My job requires flexibility, and the flex remote model allows me to organize my days accordingly. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense for me to be in the office, as I have a ton of calls with various people in different locations and time zones. Nonetheless, I appreciate working in the office since it allows me to easily and quickly catch up with my coworkers."

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Agile Coach | EMEA

"I really appreciate having a separation, both physically and mentally, between my work life and my private life, and it’s working from the office that allows me to create that environment. Moreover, I like to meet my colleagues in person and interact with them. One of the greatest benefits of working in the office for me is definitely that I get to interact with people that I would usually not be in touch with."

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Sr. Accounting Analyst | LATAM

"The hybrid work allows me to have a good work/life balance. I can do physical workouts early in the morning before I start my job duties. So, it helps me focus on my health. I can eat healthier as well. On the other hand, go to the office once per week allows me to meet my colleagues and maintain the team integration. It is a happy day when I can interact with other team members and personally discuss ideas."

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Account Executive | EMEA

"Since I live far away from the Dynatrace office in Gdańsk, working from the office wouldn’t be an option. However, working remotely works great for me. I've established my working routine and set up my equipment at home just like in a regular office, with screens, a printer, and a stable internet connection. It also gives me the chance to spend more time with my family, since I don’t have to commute anywhere."

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Sales Engineer | NORAM

"My preferred way of working is from home with the option to meet in person. Being based in LA, we have no nearby office so I work from home most days, this is my preference as I get more done from home but I love being able to get a shared room with my team every now and then for us to collaborate and work together."

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SDR Manager | ANZ and India

"I really appreciate the flexibility to work from home and in office as it’s crucial to have a blend when leading teams that support different geographies. Coming together in the office as a team to define the vision and set the standards for the week/month helps the team feel connected. The flex office has given coming to the office more meaning to me, allowing me to choose when and why, and that helps me connect with other teams and departments who support the growing organization."

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Technical Support Analyst | LATAM

“Since I joined Dynatrace in São Paulo, I have enjoyed the hybrid work approach. It allows me to follow activities before starting into the work day, while connecting with the people I work with at the office. It is also great to avoid traffic and optimize working time. Last but not least, hybrid work allows me to experience my daughter's growth and be close to her—what I really cherish. I really enjoy having two places to work and having the flexibility to change environments.”

Putting people first—no matter where and how they work.

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Read up on some additional information about our ways of work below, and reach out if any of your questions remain unanswered.

Are the ways of work available to everyone working at Dynatrace?
Yes, the Dynatrace Work Model is applicable and available to everyone working at Dynatrace, though differences depending on the needs and different roles of each business unit might apply. Also, the Fully Remote way of work is only available under certain criteria (i.e. distance to Dynatrace office, role eligibility). For Dynatracers in a leadership position, we also encourage in-office presence on a regular basis to bring the team together.

Can I change between the three ways of work while employed at Dynatrace?
Yes, everyone can change their preferred way of work within the semi-annual Dynatrace Work Model open enrolment period.

If I work fully remote, what will my place of work be? Can I work from anywhere?
If your role is eligible for the Fully Remote way of work, your workplace will be your address of residency. If you'd like to work from an alternate location, you need to notify our People Operation team. Moreover, we currently offer the Fully Remote option to everyone living in a country with a Dynatrace location.

How does the onboarding work for fully remote Dynatracers?
Onboarding is the most important time to soak up the Dynatrace culture, learn the product, and build-up your professional network. That’s why we organize onboarding on-site whenever possible, and also encourage newcomers to spend their first days of Dynatrace at the office. When it is not possible to attend an in-person orientation, we'll make sure that you are well engaged in a virtual onboarding.

What equipment do I get when selecting each way of work?
If you choose Flex Remote or are eligible for Fully Remote, you’ll receive a proper work-from-home setup. If you choose Flex Office, you’ll get the equipment needed to set-up your in-office workstation. So, either way, we've got you covered.

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