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Talent Academy

You want to deepen your knowledge at a world market leader in software intelligence? Do you want to learn from some of the brightest minds and work on valuable projects that impact thousands of users?

We accompany you with a specially-tailored program, preparing you to excel in your career in software development. From Java or React to Frontend and Backend—learn from our experts and kick-start your career.

Whether you join our team part-time during the end of studies, decide to write your thesis with us, or join as an intern—we promise to mentor, challenge, and push you to grow, while having fun along the way.

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What is our Talent Academy?

The Talent Academy consists of an 8-month program focusing on your development. It is a starting point for you if you are finishing your technical education soon, or have already finished your education in software engineering. So, if you want to work next to your study or join our team after graduation, our Talent Academy is the right place for you.

A guided entry awaits you in one of the most modern software companies in Austria. Insightful training, mentoring and knowledge exchange, expert talks, time for self-study, and much more will be part of your daily work.

Highlights of our program

  • Shape your technical knowledge in a safe environment where you can ask anything and nobody will judge. ask anything. Our trainers are here to enable you

  • Work with the latest tools and software: Java, Angular, Ui/Ux. Backend, Frontend, Fullstack. Data, DevOps, and System Engineering

  • Decide on your operating system.

  • Expect knowledge transfer via expert talks and paired programming while working on your first projects.

  • Time for self-study included.

  • Receive a detailed onboarding that gives you time to find your favourite work field.

Talent Academy Dynatrace Karina Streng Quote

"Enabling young talents to fulfill their full potential is the aim of the Talent Academy. We strived to develop a program that meets their individual needs because every person is special and deserves to be treated like this."

Karina Streng
Lead R&D Talent Academy / Photo Stoebich

Hear from our Talent Academy graduates

Larisa Manciu Quote


Software Engineer in Linz

"From the first time I heard about the Academy, I knew it was exactly what I needed. Eight months in which I could shape my existing technical skills, gain new knowledge, learn about Dynatrace Platform, workflow, culture, and get an insight about my career development plus find the path which will suit me best."

Leon Schiesswald Quote


Software Engineer in Hagenberg

"I really like the hands-on approach where you can try everything out yourself and don’t get drowned in theory. Nobody expects you to know certain tools and you can ask about literally anything without worrying about judgement."

Lukas Mayer Quote


Software Engineer in Graz

"I really like the way we learn. Not working on the product from day one makes it easier to get into the company, bonding with team members and also shows me my strengths and weaknesses."

Andreea Domes Quote


Software Engineer in Klagenfurt

"I like the involvement of people and how everyone helps, the culture, the way of working, the fact that creativity seems to be very valued and encouraged, but also the structure and very good organization."

Dominik Nigl Quote


Software Engineer in Hagenberg

"Additional to helping me find a good place in work, it also helped me with my studies by letting me collaborate with Dynatrace to work on my master thesis."

Dynatrace talent academy learnings

What you will learn in the program

Technical Skills:
Git, Code Quality, Testing, CI/CD, React

Product Development Skills:
Jira, Scrum, teamwork, Requirements Engineering, Wireframing

Personal Development:
Self-awareness about strengths, weaknesses, values, productivity & self-organisation, communication and collaboration in an international environment, problem-solving and critical thinking

Dynatrace Product:
Meeting a lot of Dynatracers through Expert Sessions, and learn about our organizational structure

Whom are we looking for?

The Talent Academy is not only a great benefit for you, but also for us. With this program, we prepare you to work with the smartest people in our industry on a platform that provides value for millions of people worldwide. The Dynatrace software intelligence platform delivers precise answers through explainable, causation-based AI, with automatic discovery and topology mapping across billions of dependencies. And you can be part of our journey to expand and improve our software.

You're the perfect fit for our program if you have a fresh perspective, eager to grow, and will to achieve great things with us. Ideas and innovative ways are more than welcome.

Our goal is to find new colleagues that are as passionate about software as we are.

What to expect in the program

Skills development. You develop your skills further. Join expert talks and meetups, and connect with others who are as passionate about certain technologies as you are.

Joined adventure. In addition to your team other Talent Academy participants will also take part in this journey. Share your experiences with them and find like-minded people.

Smooth career entry. Use the time to arrive at the company: gain an overview, get to know your colleagues, and learn about the company.

Team rotation. Work in different teams to find the perfect place for you. Choose and be chosen.

Career management. Plan your career path, discover your strengths, and grow within the company.

Training time. Time for self-study and learning-by-doing.

Where you can join our Talent Academy


Read up on some additional information about our Talent Academy, and reach out if any of your questions remain unanswered.

How do I apply for the Talent Academy?
On our career site, you'll find jobs where we explicitly state that you'll afterward start in the Talent Academy. Please apply for one of these positions and we will contact you. If you don't find a job related to the Talent Academy, please write a speculative application and mention your interest in the program.

Are there any requirements?
A background in software engineering is required to join our program. However, you don't need years of experience to join us. You can work with us during your studies (e.g. while writing your master's thesis), after graduation, or after your first work experience in software engineering.

How many places are there in the Talent Academy?
Approximately 6-8 participants can attend each program. We have a limit to continue to offer a strong program with high value.
Next entry dates: April 3, 2023: Hagenberg + August 1, 2023: Klagenfurt

      How long does the Talent Academy last and what happens afterwards?
      For eight months, you'll work in special teams that don't work directly on our product. After these eight months, you'll continue working in our regular teams.

      At which locations is it possible to participate in the program?
      At the moment, you can participate in Hagenberg and Klagenfurt. Other locations will follow soon.

      What areas will I be working on and learning during the program?
      The special feature of our program is that you'll get to know all areas of engineering. You'll find out which area suits you best and in which areas you want to develop further.

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